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Author Topic: Dual Sword Belt  (Read 4288 times)

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Dual Sword Belt
« on: 2010-09-21, 14:34:47 »
Greetings, Knights!  I am posting this up for a friend of mine, and up and coming leather worker who has come a long way since his first offerings; up for grabs is a new swordbelt design, this belt was made to carry two swords, one on each hip, with an integral dagger frog, horizontally opposed, along the back of the belt.  Here's a pic:

And here's the link to the other pics


...there are a lot of them, lots of different angles and lighting, so have a look!  This swordbelt was made-to-order but the one who requisitioned the piece decided not to purchase it.  His loss can be your gain- price is $110, shipping included.  Feel free to make an offer as well- all serious offers will be considered.  A couple of things, this belt is not historically accurate, there are modern appurtenances such as snaps - as requested by the original buyer.  You may notice a few other oddities I've no doubt, feel free to ask any questions, I'll answer as best I'm able.  I know the maker personally and will vouch for his abilities and expertise wholeheartedly.
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