Modern Chivalry

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TRUTH Truth is the foundation of Chivalry, and must be sought above personal agendas and gains. Truth is necessary for knowledge and wisdom. One must speak the truth and seek it before making judgements.
HONOR A knight must be true to his word, and maintain a high standard of moral conduct. He must be graceful and maintain dignity in both success and defeat.
JUSTICE Defense of the weak, aiding those who need it, reverence to the law, measured responses without malice, and combatting evil, prejudice, ignorance, and injustice in all their guises is the calling of a knight.
VALOR Not a lack of fear, valor is the ability to do what must be done despite one's fears. To stand tall and face a challenge, to stand up for what is right despite what people may think of you, and to put aside personal interests to uphold what is right and good.
STRENGTH Fortitude of body, mind, and spirit, to accomplish what needs to be done, is important for a knight to succeed in his endeavors. One must have the discipline to maintain one's health and prowess to be of service to the greater good.
GENEROSITY Largesse and charity are important for a knight. Generosity of thought, material, and action must be given when the situation calls for it.
LOYALTY Protecting, aiding, and serving friends and family who deserve your respect and service. A knight should never mistreat friends and family.
HUMILITY One must always be honest and truthful about oneself. Refraining from self-destructiveness is as important as refraining from boastful behavior. It is important for the knight to seek and find his place in the world, and the role he plays within it. Bearing responsibility without complaint, yet accepting and identifying his own strengths and weaknesses so that he may continue to grow the former, and learn from the latter. Do not boast of your deeds; let others do that for you. Tell of the deeds of others before your own, to be both humble and courteous.
COURTESY A knight should always be polite and mannerly, in speaking and conduct, even to those with whom one is angry, or in disagreement. Speak of others before yourself, hold doors open for others, and speak well of everyone unless they have earned otherwise.
COMPASSION Compassion is the cornerstone of Chivalry. A knight who does not show caring and consideration for those around him is not a knight afterall. One must value the life, happiness, safety, and freedom of those around him at all times.
NOBILITY Although this word is sometimes confused with entitlement or snobbishness, in the code of chivalry it conveys the importance of upholding one's convictions and maintaining a sense of honor and dignity at all times, especially when no one else is watching.
FRANCHISE Practicing what you preach, living up to your own standards, embodying your own ideals as best you can. Presenting yourself with integrity and dignity, and maintaining grace.

Note-- This is just one interpretation.

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