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Author Topic: Open Invitation to commeraderie at Michigan Renn faire Oct 1-2  (Read 7699 times)


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Im going up there as a spectator for their the last weekend, Oct 1-2, because its the Chocolates theme weekend ;) Im taking my 15th c. kit and just meandering and enjoying the spectacle while sampling chocolate confectionery!

Would anyone else care to hit it up also?  Im still thinking if I want to go Sat or Sunday. I think it would be nice to see a group of historically accurate kits roaming, as opposed to the normal amalgamation of whatever-the-heck-people-want-to-wear-that-day-ism. lol   And hey, honestly, we might drum up interest from other people there that will be interested in the historic side and want to join the hobby! That's how I got into it! :)

It will be my trial run of my kit before I bebop on down to Kentucky for DoK. Its good to spend a day in it moving around to make sure all the plates move and function properly, and the straps stay, nothing slides out of place, etc. And adjust as necessary. Im not taking any weapons. I bump into too much as it is already! LOL Ill knock something expensive over and then be in a lot of trouble :P

Would anyone care to join me?



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Got a link?
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