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Author Topic: printing off a pattern  (Read 6535 times)

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printing off a pattern
« on: 2009-03-14, 12:52:45 »

i am having some issues getting this pattern to print. i would liek it to stay 1 to 1 scale. i tried to print but couldn't get it to do so in sections, it just printed the center of the page.


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Re: printing off a pattern
« Reply #1 on: 2009-03-15, 15:45:09 »
You might try copy and paste each piece into a seperate page and then printing each page.  Although thinking on that as I type it, I suppose 1 to 1 ratio would make each armor piece larger than a single page, and thus probably  not really solve you problem at all.  I guess in the end I have been no help at all.  Sorry.  I will think on this more, but at this moment I too am stumped.