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Author Topic: Version 1.0 of my first kit is finally complete as well as field tested.  (Read 2706 times)

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I started in the SCA about three years ago, and I quickly got myself a helmet.

I also, quite quickly, refurbished some loaner gear that was passed to me as I picked up said helmet at the maker.

However, it would take me another year to start fighting proper and get into gear, and after about a year and a half in total, I fought my first war in a nearly completely borrowed suit, with only the padding and helmet being mine.

(that'd be me on the right, in my old blue surcotte)

It would take me another few months before this alpha version of a harness would grow into a beta version, with refurbished legs, arms donated by a friend and an old corrazinna, made out of cracked kydex and some manner of old plastic bucket.

But it looked good, though not consistent enough for my tastes. Nor could I fit padding under the plastic and the cracks loved to pinch straight through the linen shirt I fought in.

Two years after starting, and only about one year after fighting more seriously, I had something gorgeous.

But this was the beta version, where I "owned" the kit, but I'd also promised myself to pass the legs on, and the corrazinna was too old and venerable to come to rest.

So, earlier this year, I got myself my commissioned breastplate, at long last, and I also got a set of legs at the same time.

Of course, despite knowing better, I took the legs "off the shelf" instead of placing an order and waiting for a more historical set.

Somewhat earlier, I had also commissioned (and recieved) a more fitting visor for my (now) much later kit than I had originally intended.

And last week, two years and eight months after starting out, and one year and eight months after starting to fight seriously, my new aketon, breastplate, cuises and visor all came together with my old arms and a pair of front Greaves, graciously borrowed to me for the war by a friend, to create the first iteration of something I truly could call my own.

I give you 1.0 of my kit proper.

Of course, it's ripe with inaccuracy.

First things to do are to replace the shoes with period ones (when my physiotherapist will let me), as well as to get a fauld (and a 3-piece solid back) in the English style. For I have been all too bitten by Toby's excellent work in his book.

The vambraces are to be entirely replaced, and the helmet eventually switched for a great bascinet.

The legs are to be replaced with three piece sets in the early 15th English style as well.

And I believe grettir gauntlets will be the future.

This kit will grow and transform far beyond the means I currently hold. But it will be worth every dent and bruise and every month I spend either earning the money or waiting for a new piece.

But finally I have something to call my own.

And to say I'm happy with.

(Edit: I tried including the pictures, but the formating would only show broken little squares that wouldn't show them here, so I reverted to links whilst intending to battle that dragon on the morrow)
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Better than 99% of beginner kits in the SCA, don't knock yourself too much there.
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Agreed. Looking great.
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This kit will grow and transform far beyond the means I currently hold.

They always do!   ;)
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