Modern Chivalry

A resource for chivalry in all forms, both modern and historical, as well as medieval, and renaissance weapons, armor, martial arts, and recreation or reenactment.

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Swords,Armor,Chivalry Communities/Forums

Historical Swordsmanship

Swordsmanship and WMA/HEMA annual or recurring events

Re-enactment and knightly annual or recurring events

Re-creation / Re-enactment / Combat groups

Jousting Organizations or Groups

Chivalry resources, reading, and education

Modern or Recreationist Private Orders of Chivalry

Modern Orders based on fictional sources

Historical Reading

WMA/HEMA Video Demonstrations


WMA/HEMA Publications

Garb/Clothing and Accessories

Archery and Crossbows

Sword/Dagger Makers & Cutlers

More Sword Makers / Distributors

RenFaire Weapon Makers

Weapon and accessories Resellers


Fencing and HEMA/WMA Equipment


Encampment, tents, furniture, banners, accessories

Knightly Accessories

Historical Imagery/Effigies/Analyses

Heraldry Information and Resources

Note-- This is not meant to be a conclusive list or even an endorsement, but rather is a cross section of the various groups, makers, and programs that are available on the net.

Links that are not clickable are ones that we've determined to be dead links, but we haven't removed them from the list because we're hoping to find updated links at some point.

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