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Author Topic: This website opinions?  (Read 2272 times)


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This website opinions?
« on: 2015-11-06, 17:58:00 »
I was looking through armor websites and I came across this. I'd like to know you guy's opinions on this because it seems like a nice site
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Re: This website opinions?
« Reply #1 on: 2015-11-06, 18:30:20 »
I've dealt with them previously; I have not had issues with them but of late there have been complaints of non-responsiveness and missing and/or late shipments.  I'd wait before I commissioned anything from them for the nonce, til things clear up.  I understand that they were away from the shop for a time; probably hitting all of the medieval events in their area.  Either way, if you do contact them and get a response, make sure you lay out your expectations from the beginning.

I had them do a couple of gambesons for me- not very historic, but very effective for what they are used.  A lot of options and very affordable- probably the cheapest custom gambesons you're ever likely to find- you'll need to take accurate measurements; if done correctly it will fit you more or less like a glove.  I've heard good things about their armor but I've not seen it for myself.
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Re: This website opinions?
« Reply #2 on: 2016-03-03, 16:58:12 »
Forge of Svan has been great to me as far as customer service goes. Their responses have been quick and accurate. They were having some website issues over the last few months but they have sense fixed them. I really like their price to quality ratio. It seems on par with Steel Mastery but definitely much lower on the cost. They have a huge team too! Like 20 or so armorers!
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