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Author Topic: My first Historical Swordsmanship class  (Read 1584 times)


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My first Historical Swordsmanship class
« on: 2015-10-28, 02:59:58 »

I wanted to report that I attended my first historical swordsmanship class last night at The Virginia Academy of Fencing, which is based on the teachings of German Medieval Fencing Master Johannes Liechtenauer. It was interesting, but mostly covered things like dawning the gear and safety. I have no doubt it will get more interesting as I progress (I'm in the beginner class). If possible, I would also like to train with Sir Brian and any of you other gentlemen who train during the weekends. I'm 35, so I have 22 years of catching up to do. Is anybody else interested in VAF?


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Re: My first Historical Swordsmanship class
« Reply #1 on: 2015-10-28, 18:01:04 »

I may be signing back up with them soon. I want to get through October first, though, since MDRF and other events have been keeping me busy. :) I'll be doing the Thursday evening advanced class though.

Yeah, the beginner class will give you some of the basics, and things will get more exciting in the Intermediate level. I think part of how the beginner course is structured is to give you some broad exposure to it and let you see if it's what you want to pursue.

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Re: My first Historical Swordsmanship class
« Reply #2 on: 2015-10-28, 18:38:40 »
It does just that, Sir Edward.  I took it a little over a year ago and its more of a primer, with some hands-on toward the end of the class.  All I can say is, show up early, don't be afraid to ask questions and above all- participate and have fun!  If it ain't fun, you're either doing it wrong, or should be doing something else instead.
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