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Author Topic: FS Panther Primitives French Double Bell Wedge Tent (12' x 20')  (Read 2574 times)


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I have for sale a:
Panther Primitives French Double Bell Wedge
Tent 12'x20' made from 10.38oz Sunforger w/ Flame Retardant
Includes Sod Flaps: 10" flaps sewn along bottom edge of tent walls that are turned under inside the tent.  Your sod cloth (not included) would lay on top of the sod flaps.
Canopy Fly for 12'x20' Tent (square-scalloped edges) made from 10.38oz Sunforger w/ Flame Retardant
All Poles included for Tent and Fly
NO stakes included
Waterproofed Canvas Bag for storage included

There's nothing wrong with it, just some dirt stains on the sod flaps and lower edges, some replaced stake loops, and the canopy fly has had one edge professionally repaired by Dial Tent and Awning here in Michigan.  I have used it for several years at a week long event without a single issue.  My wife convinced me to get an Oval Marquee, so I no longer need this tent.

We created a framework for the Canopy Fly that gives you more space and height.  You don't need to use it, but I grew to like it....

$800.00 plus shipping (will drive to meet within reasonable distance)

Note: the photo is the stock photo from the website.  My tent has the rounded scallops trimmed in dark blue not the ones shown. (That's my canopy fly on the right in the second photo.)
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