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Coronet results.
« on: 2013-05-28, 22:59:40 »
I got to 3rd round after losing in the first to Lady Helga, getting a sweet kill in 2nd to a lord whose name escapes me, and losing in 3rd to Lord Raven of Drakenheim after a hard fought round. Finals were Sir Heinrich von Melk & Lord Miach of the Shire. Miach won after 3 rounds for his lady wife Skye.

Pic via Mari Asonte.

Pic via Mari Asonte.

After I fought in roses and won 3 and gave 3.
Won: For Malie- my ex-GF-come-family whom I owed one to, my consort Alizan, and for my friend Judith.
Gave: My friend Farleigh via her BF Angus, a nice lady who's lord did many passes with me, the Mists Champ's wife, and Viscountess Juliana of Avon.

 I then authorized in SCA Rapier via a grueling 12+ matches with various weapons wherein I took on the Oerthan Rapier Champ and soundly defeated him rather often (I thought he was taking it easy. He told me he was honestly trying to win & felt down about losing so very much given his 6 years of fighting. I explained my 23 years of experience and he felt better). The Authorizing Marshal, Kalista, said she was so happy I fight German style, still not sure what that is but it was working for me.
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