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Author Topic: Chivalry, sexism & masculinity  (Read 19511 times)


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Chivalry, sexism & masculinity
« on: 2018-06-21, 15:33:34 »

In response a recent video concerning "Chivalry is a dumb idea;" (see the link above) the crux of the opinion shared by the woman is becoming a common refrain among liberal feminists - namely that chivalry oppresses women's potential by treating them as though they are special based upon their gender. They have re-branded chivalry as "benevolent sexism" and are now asserting that this is a product of "toxic masculinity." Toxic masculinity is simply a modern term to refer to the perceived negatives of masculinity such as a proclivity towards violence (i.e. boys naturally pick up a stick and pretend it's a sword or gun), unemotional (boys have emotions but their stoic nature which is a biological trait was needed for survival), sexual aggressiveness (men are like their male counterparts of other species - evolved within a competitive context for reproduction), etc. are traits considered the "root of all evil." The idea of "Toxic Masculinity" has given rise to a movement which seeks to feminize men - effeminate men are seen as the ideal since masculine men are the alleged cause of all of the world's problems. Teaching boys of a young age to be effeminate and raising issues such as gender identity being non-biological is not a practical solution to the perceived problem in society rather it creates new and more complex problems rooted in a new form of psychological dysfunction and scientific illiteracy. Contrary to the assertion that Chivalry is part of the problem I would assert that Chivalry is part of the solution.

You cannot suppress the natural and biological nature of an entire gender through indoctrination and you cannot alter the course of human evolution through propaganda. The natural world is a constant play between the polarities of masculinity and femininity - each needs the other in order to harmonize and create what we experience as the whole of existence itself. There are negatives to extreme aberrations of each but the polarity is that which moderates those extremes (it's a self-moderating system). Chivalry is also a tool to temper the extremes of masculinity. It is Chivalry that teaches boys to become "men of worth" (in the words of Sir Geoffri de Charney). Men of worth who respect the implicit Order of existence and actively work to elevate existence by being the best "man" they can be - i.e. respecting others, cultivating self-respect and honor, defending the defenseless, applying violence for justice, and leaving the world a better place for having lived. Young boys should be taught the values of Chivalry and how they can improve themselves and the world around them by being themselves - not by denying themselves and their very own nature. Boys need to learn to harness and properly channel their budding masculinity and embrace their role in life as a man. Shaming boys and men for being masculine and being themselves is a great evil of modern progressive-ism that Men of the Chivalric Code should stand up against by speaking out in favor of Chivalry and correcting the erroneous ideas about it being an archaic system of sexism.

Chivalry teaches boys about their potential - it views masculinity as a positive and provides a road map on how one achieves their greatest potential within their own fundamental nature.
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Re: Chivalry, sexism & masculinity
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which version of the chivalric code is the person using?
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Re: Chivalry, sexism & masculinity
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Terminally late reply and a bit of a necro post, but, well stated!
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