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The Armoury / Re: Arms and armor 12th century sword. Two handed?
« Last post by Chuck G. on 2020-09-08, 05:02:40 »
I have that sword.  I would call it a Hand and a Half.  I can wield it one handed, but I'm 6'4".   A person of shorter stature might have trouble with one hand.   there is enough room, even with my big hams, to grip it with two hands, although the second hand would wrap around the pommel too.  I got mine used from Joe Metz and do not regret it in the least.  Here it is after grip rewrap along with the scabbard I made for it.

Sir Humphrey

Beautiful work! Earlier this year I finished a rehilt of an older version of this sword that I found on eBay to satisfy a strong desire for a High Middle Ages war sword with an octagonal pommel and medieval coins used as decoration, in the manner of the Duke of Urbino sword. This particular A&A example was of fairly early production – at least 20 years old per communication with their shop, given the combination of parts and the maker's mark used to stamp the blade.

Upon stripping the hilt I found some oddments with the tang that needed to be addressed, but otherwise no real problems. The pommel was great, particularly since it already had center recesses, but one side was too shallow and needed to be deepened. After considerable effort and expense trying to find a way to deal with that, I finally settled on using a Dremel grinding stone to deepen that side. The grip was reworked as well, simply to make it a bit slimmer and a better fit for the cross and pommel. Upon completion, I glued some reproduction medieval silver pennies into the recesses.

The main effort was with the crossguard. After much deliberation I decided against reworking the existing cross and made a new one from a mild steel bar. It is shorter overall than the original "spike" guard that was part of the as built piece and features a simple square cross section. I used a specialty tool I devised to help inlet the guard to fit the blade better.

I got compliments from the A&A shop on how the piece turned out, so I did something right!

I do need to make a scabbard at some point, however.
The Armoury / Re: Teutonic great helm...now with wings?
« Last post by Frater de Beaumanoir on 2020-04-27, 13:02:22 »
Hello all!

I hope this post finds you all in good health and not laid low by the plague. I wanted to say that I do stop by this site frequently, because I like to read some of the discussions that take place. Much better here and more civilized.

With this being said, I wanted to post on this topic again, because the work I posted before has been given a bit of new life over the past few years, and I wanted to solicit the feedback from the learned members of this group. Not too mention y'all probably have some time on your hands to read it. Use it as an excuse to curtail that "Honey do" list of activities....if only for half an hour. ;D

Here's the work:

https://www.academia.edu/42866753/Fact_or_Fiction_the_horned_Teutonic_Helmet < Caution-https://www.academia.edu/42866753/Fact_or_Fiction_the_horned_Teutonic_Helmet >

Take care! Dv!
The Armoury / Re: New helmet
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2019-10-31, 18:20:32 »
So mid-12th century, 300eur or less, no particular place of origin, and no need to actually fight with it under a specific set of rules?
The Courtyard / Re: Fighting in armor
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2019-10-31, 18:18:19 »
Good. Pics?
The Courtyard / Re: Fighting in armor
« Last post by Patrick on 2019-09-06, 21:59:27 »
Yes, I am much more comfortable with the gear now. Thank you
The Armoury / Re: New helmet
« Last post by Gearmaker on 2019-08-24, 17:13:10 »

around 300 euros.  the period;  I have a hauberk.  no plate armor.
think the 2nd crusade.

The Armoury / Re: New helmet
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2019-08-18, 17:46:39 »
What is your budget and what crusade are you going for?
Stay away from Allentown (PA) as well, it's been going downhill for years. lots of places closing up shop and moving to better areas. The only thing it has going for it is it's international airport.

So shortly after that last post we moved to just outside Boston, then a year later to Raleigh. My wife is currently working as a Chef for one of the universities here.

You might want to think about the St. Paul / Minneapolis metro area (3.3 million).  The food and micro brew scene is exploding here.

Man I am still hoping we can move there next. We almost did move there the first time around by accident while driving through Des Moines. Still wondering if we did the right thing.
Stay away from Allentown (PA) as well, it's been going downhill for years. lots of places closing up shop and moving to better areas. The only thing it has going for it is it's international airport.
The Armoury / New helmet
« Last post by Gearmaker on 2019-08-09, 15:47:36 »
Hey guys,
I'm looking for a crusader helmet. (Battle ready)
Does anyone have experience with helmets from historical marshal? 
 I want a good finish.
I want a symmetrical shape.
I was thinking about "crusader spangen helmet"
might someone have pictures of his helmet?

Thank you,

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