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Author Topic: Facebook Page and Blog Announcement!  (Read 17176 times)

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Re: Facebook Page and Blog Announcement!
« Reply #15 on: 2017-12-06, 21:14:55 »
I've since gotten on FB and have meticulously chosen who I have as "friends." I did "like" your page and have read some of your commentary on Sir Charney's treatise. I "unfollow" or "unfriend" people who are always ranting about politics or religion, are always posting what they happen to be eating at the moment, and/or are aggressive personalities that seem to be arguing with everyone about everything. I do enjoy a couple of pages devoted to chivalry and I enjoy keeping up with friends and acquaintances who are doing similar things: HEMA, chivalry, enjoying life.

I want to thank you for your time in reading my posts on what I get out of Sir Charney's treatise and let me know what you think as I am open to discussion. 

And you echo what I do with facebook as I have managed by notification to show me what is important to me and not putting up things that are of no use to me and it helps with time management.  My purpose is to push or "preach" what is beneficial to everyone (ethical instructions & encouragement) and that is why I post many memes or pictures with quotes from De Charney, the famous Japanese Martial Arts masters etc. 

If you're on facebook send me a friend request so you can benefit from my posts and i want to add that unlike a majority of people on facebook who act normal or celebrity like on their pages but act in contrast in real life; I practice what i preach. 
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