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Author Topic: WTT: Lamellar plates and nerdy stuff/ books for 1200s SCA gear  (Read 8586 times)


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I have:

40x warhammer 40k space marine/space wolves unpainted (some are fully primed, others, have a primed arm or body part attached)
2x primed rhinos
Geigor Fell Hand- from Burning of Prospero set, unprimed, assembled
For the lot: $90 + shipping

Dark Vengeance Dark angels terminators on sprue, primed black -$15

5th ed space marine codex - $5
6th ed eldar codex -$10

Historical wargaming:

unopened box of Greek unarmored hoplites and archers - $20
athenian armoured hoplites (most bodies are off sprue with heads attached- allpieces there, unprimed)- $20

Other stuff (clearing out stuff; who knows someone might be interested in this)

at least 100, possibly 200 20ga Type 3 lamellar plates available. roughly 1 inch by 3, more fitting for Oriental, but could sugffice for Byzantine, might even be able to convince some (though not many) of Viking - that's still under debate.

for 100 - $45
(waiting upon confirmation of the other 100 so cannot garauntee them until next week - but if I do receive them, would do $90 shipped in Conus as a deal)

A mostly complete Axis and Allies board game from the 90s. (I say mostly complete because the box top is missing and some figures might possibly be missing. Name price, pay shipping

legoes and some knock-offs. (a 1 lb bag goes for $12-15 on ebay; i have several medieval themed minis and pieces and several star wars themed pieces. There are some off brand star wars figures in there too, in case you are picky)

Several old german books of the theological nature: Name price and pay shipping

Rathmann's Deutsche Perikopenbuch 1 and 2 ( a German Lutheran pericope)
Kirchliche Handlexicon (a church lexicon/dictionary) A-Z, seven volumes
Johannes Scherrs "Germania"

Non-German theological books: name price and pay shipping

Matthew Henry's Complete Commetary on the Bible (5 volumes, large books)
Bainton's Erasmus of Christendom
Luther's Works volume 12

Non theological

Wheel of Time series (I believe it is complete, first few books used, last few- brand new)


I'd take $ offers any anything above

Might consider Tau piranhas, devilfish, pathfinders

Trade/looking for SCA/HMB/Medieval reenactment gear:

a 1200s appropriate gambeson

a 1200s appropriate SCA legal helm -14 ga or thicker (prefer nasal helm, considering a crusader who fought in the Levant and ended up staying around in the Crusader states and/or hanging in the Byzantine Empire - would incorporate lamellar with chainmail...though might just go full Byzantine)

an xl zoombang shirt or equivalent for hidden armor under robe and chainmail.

a kidney belt/ heavy lifting belt

Knee and elbow cops - plain is fine.

possibly a gorget - again plain is fine.

sword basket