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Author Topic: Katana vs. Longsword  (Read 41741 times)


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Re: Katana vs. Longsword
« Reply #30 on: 2016-07-20, 02:06:34 »
However they lost as well. From the accounts I read it ended up being a bit of a draw in the long run. Though the vid does show a man really using better martial arts. A good Kendoka would know that back even 70 years ago they used trips, grabs, and so forth and thus would also at least have studied some kenjitsu to understand the why. I did notice that he was not thrusting which may mean he is not high enough rank to use thrusts in tournament.
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Re: Katana vs. Longsword
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The summation of this debate, who ever skillfully wields the sword (either Katana or Longsword) shows the better example of the usage of that sword.  Honestly instead of all this verbal cabbage soup being brewed and mixed with the spices of opinion.  How about a full course Tournament or match and see for ourselves the best Katana swordsman versus the best HEMA Swordsman.  Give me that instead of Youtube lol.
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Re: Katana vs. Longsword
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Portugeuse also had a completely different outlook on military battles and was something the Samurai were not used to encountering, since they were a nearly isolated island for many centuries
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