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Norman-Crusade-Conquest-Kingdom-Heaven book
« on: 2014-07-08, 11:22:19 »
Good morning, 

The Crusade that inspired the Marshal to take the cross


 Extract from THE NORMAN CRUSADE "The First Crusade an the Conquest of the Kingdom of Heaven"

 Peter Desiderius had a vision that Bishop Adhemar de Le Puy (who had died ...after the last battle of Antioch) had visited him in his dreams and said;

“Tell all the Princes and People that they must march bare foot around Jerusalem invoking God’. If you do this then on the ninth day the city will be captured”.

On the 8th of July 1099 the entire army and its followers marched around Jerusalem. The city’s garrison mocked the Crusaders, insulting them and hurling abuse towards them. It would be a gesture that the defiant garrison would live to regret. The procession arrived at the Mount of Olives where the Clergy gave sermons encouraging the moral of the Crusaders. The high ranking leaders discussed their strategy for the final assault. Tancred may have told the story of how his Grandfather Robert Guiscard devised the plan to capture the Sicilian capital Palermo. The Normans attacked one side of Palermo’s walls, drawing the city’s garrison to combat them. Robert led the real attack on the other side of the city, enabling him to enter the capital via deception. The plan was decided upon; the Crusaders would simultaneously launch attacks from several directions, allowing Robert of Normandy, Robert of Flanders and Tancred to launch the strongest attack.

Has anybody read this book? 

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