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Author Topic: Historical HEMA Tournaments and Deeds of Arms  (Read 80390 times)

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Re: Historical HEMA Tournaments and Deeds of Arms
« Reply #90 on: 2014-11-03, 00:55:53 »
Looks great Sir Brian - would be great if you could put these on the great helm I bought from Jeff Wasson - though don't know if you'd have enough room to work inside...
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Re: Historical HEMA Tournaments and Deeds of Arms
« Reply #91 on: 2015-02-03, 22:06:01 »
Have you done any thrust testing on it?  Would be interested to hear if it deforms at all or suffers any damage from use.

That's my concern too. :)

Everyone can put these concerns to rest! I purchased the punch tester and thoroughly tested the perforated steel sections through my visor oculars and they with stood the punch tests easily, proving the gauge of the stainless perforated steel is more than sufficient for our safety needs!

So gents bring your helm visors to the feast of Medieval Madness and I'll have them modified! :)
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Re: Historical HEMA Tournaments and Deeds of Arms
« Reply #92 on: 2016-05-06, 02:37:49 »
After reading a very long thread, here are my thoughts.

I go for the idea of adding perforated steel behind the eye slots for protection.

I understand using wooden wasters for harness fencing, I am an advocate for using both wood and stel in armored combat.

When using steel blunts in harness fencing I also would say that technique must be emphasized more than power usage, translation: if you are going to hid hard, be careful so as to not cause an accident. 
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