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Author Topic: High Quality plates for sale or trade  (Read 2660 times)


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High Quality plates for sale or trade
« on: 2012-04-09, 16:54:30 »
Well... I literally just got these two plates in my hands by ups. There is nothing wrong with them. They look and feel great. But sadly the plates do not fit my needs. the words ave maria are on the plate, that translates to hail mary.

If anyone would like to make a trade for these plates, I am cool for that. I am open to anything and even as far as kitchen wares. I am highly interested in other plates or even bowls to replace these. but I would appreciate photos first

If anyone would like to buy the plates out right, That is cool with me too. I bought them from trinity court potteries in England... http://www.trinitycourtpotteries.co.uk/1Medieval%20Replicas.htm The plates are listed at 12euros each but after shipping and all I paid a bit more. So I would like to get $25 per plate plus shipping

Here are a couple photos of the top and bottom of the plates.They are 8inches in diamater

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