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Sir Patrick, The Red Knight

(Last updated: 2012-02-14 00:57:22 ET)

"Sir Patrick, The Red Knight", from the Codex Manesse (c. 1304)
Nex pro inhonesto, Deus pro totus.

Death before dishonor, God before all.

"The Red Knight On Campaign" (c. 1300)

Detail from "Le Chevalier Rouge defending Ptolemais" by Dominique Louis Papety (1845)

"The Red Knight Departs from Outremer" by Howard Pyle (1883)

"The Red Knight Fights for His Lady" by N.C. Wyeth (1922)

Sir Patrick at the Battle of Bannockburn, 24 June 1314
"Sir Patrick, the Red Knight", Folio 4V, the Bodeian Library (c.1300)
"Resolve of the Red Knight" by N.C Wyeth (1925)