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Welcome to ModernChivalry.org's Knight Pages! This is the place for online knights to come together and share their personas, kits, arms & armor, back-stories, chivalric persuits, and whatever else is relevant to your portrayal or interest in knighthood, modern or historical.


We're leaving it up to you as to whether to call yourself a knight here or not. The people here may have interest in swords and armor, or chivalry, or both. People may scoff at your using the term "knight", or they may have thought of you as one for years.

So what is a knight? Throughout history, there have been many definitions and the title has had many different meanings and uses. We'll explore just a few here.

Historically, knights were originally mounted warriors, and Chivalry was a warrior ethos, a code of honor that was adhered to in varying degrees. Later, knighthood evolved into title, just below nobility, that had little to do with combat, and Chivalry became desireable to nobility and gentry alike.

In the modern age, Knighthood is a title or status that is still confered in some countries (such as the UK), where it has legal meaning. One can not claim the title of "knight" in these countries in a legal sense unless it is awarded. In other countries, such as the US, titles and classes are strictly forbidden in a legal sense, though of course any private organization is free to use ranks and titles within their organization.

Various private groups exist that use knighthood as a rank or title with meaning within the groups. These range from religious orders to historical recreationist societies such as the SCA. There are also private or secular orders of Chivalry that use the title of knight for specific ranks or degrees.

And of course there are many enthusiasts who attend Renaissance/Medieval faires who enjoy portraying knights, and collect weapons and armor. Additionally, there are people who are inspired by the romantic views of historical views of chivalry, who try to guide their lives by a system of chivalric virtues such as truth and honor. These are not unlike the historical Knights Errant, who did not belong to a specific order or work under a specific liege-lord.

Whatever your level of interest is, and where you fit into the picture, whether you like to play a knight at the renfaire, or consider yourself a student of chivalry, or are just an armor enthusiast, you're welcome to join us here.

The Knight Pages do not imply any sort of official knighthood, beyond what you already have or consider yourself to be. Since we can not tell you when or if you are worthy, and when you can be a knight, it is entirely up to you.

Spend time in introspection, or prayer if that suits you. Spend time with the tools of your trade, whether it is a pen, sword, computer, etc. Assemble your armor or uniform, and clean your sword. When you feel that you are ready to bear the title of Knight, do so with humilty and honor, and bear it well.