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Sir Nathan Paul Quarantillo

(Last updated: 2016-03-26 22:56:48 ET)

The Knights of the Order of the Marshal
The Real Sir Nathan Paul Quarantillo

I have been interested in swords and armour since early childhood. Of all the archetype characters, the �Knight in Shining Armour� always stood out to me as the best, the truest example of what a man should be.
I really became interested in living out chivalry a number of years ago, when I noticed that people today want to be the �Bad Guy�. I couldn�t wrap my mind around this, that people would actively prefer to be the side that is morally wrong, that is always depicted as losing, which represents everything wrong with the world. I realized upon examination of this, that people want to be on the side that is perceived as strong. They feel that in this brutal, twisted and harsh world that goodness cannot really triumph, that it is but mere fancy. The idea that �Good Guys always Finish Last�
I had always been drawn to the ways of he Knight before, but upon seeing this, I was determined to prove the above notion wrong. Upon seeing this, I fully embraced my feelings and became determined to become a modern-day Knight, to prove that chivalry isn�t dead, and that one can succeed with Goodness, that morality can triumph.
The Knight is a perfect aspiration of all that I wish to be. He is a pillar of strength, fearless in the face of his enemies, a bane and terror to all who oppose him. He is gentle to those whom he is sworn to protect, the weak and loving. He defends the honor of women and his lady, and serves his lord and liege faithfully. He defends his mother church and I ready to lay down his life for her. The Knight knows his own mortality, and lives his life in a readiness to lose it.
I am a Roman Catholic, and proudly so. I find another identification in the knight that he is a strong defender of the Mother Church. Knights were very religious, in a very religious time. I am proud to be a member of the very same religion that so many knights were for a very long time (The Protestant Reformation occurred in the early 16th century.) . I am a Confirmed Catholic, and my patron Saint is St. Louis IX, king of France, valiant warrior, pious servant of the Church, and fervent Crusader.
I play music, and have been a diabetic since age 8. I play many medieval themed computer games, such as Mount and Blade, and the Total war series. I also play soccer for my High School, and am involved in Martial Arts. (EMA & WMA)
I am a member of The Knights of The Order of the Marshal. I am a Knight, and very proud to be so. The Order is a collection of very chivalrous individuals, who seek betterment through chivalry, which is something I would recommend for all. I was Knighted in a Catholic church, using the actual ceremony that has been in use for knighting since the pontificate of Benedict XIV, during the 17th century. If one feels the call for something more in the modern world, a betterment of morality, a call to chivalry and goodness, I would recommend joining the Order, and a welcome into the brotherhood.

My Knighting by Sir Edward.