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Sir John of Felsenbau (Ritter Johann von Felsenbau)

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Filming of the movie:
My Timeline

Timeline of events:

1463: Bosnia falls to Turks. King Josef Tomasovic (relative) beheaded.

March 2, 1489: Born (1946) � King Matthias (Corvinus Dynasty)
King of Hungary in Power;

1490: King Vladislaus II of Hungary in Power (Jagello Dynasty begins)

January, 1495: Sent to Lord William�s Leverington Manor.-(Levering School 1495-1503) as a Page and then in 1503, at age 14, became Squire to Sir David (Poley) von Leverington. (Roxborough High School 1503- 1507)- Boy Scouts; Civil Air Patrol)

May 30, 1506: Made Knight by Count Martin Peicker von Hohenzollern
and granted a Patent of Arms. (1963) � age: 17

August 30, 1512: As part of the forces of Count Martin (Piecker) von Hohenzollern) Joined the Teutonic Order and went on Crusade against the Spanish under Knight Cmdr. von Palmer. (Joined US Army � 1968 [and
went to Vietnam]) � age: 22

January 1, 1513: Joined the Order of the Phoenix. (ACS � 1970) � age: 24

1514: Peasants Rebellion in Hungary

1516: King Louis (Jagello Dynasty)of Hungary in power

1519: Turks capture Wallachia, Bosnia, Serbia, Moldavia and Bulgaria.

1526: Hungarian Army defeated at Mohacs. (Hungarian King Louis lost in battle.)
New King of Hungary: Ferdinand I (Hapsburg Dynasty begins)

King John I of Hungary from the Z�polya house, the former voivode of Transylvania and the wealtiest and the most powerful landlord after Mohacs, secured the eastern part of the Kingdom (known as Eastern Hungarian Kingdom) Only the SW part of Banat was actually conqured.

The arms denote the land as the Emperor's personal possession (hence the lion, only without the crown, and the colors, or and gules reversed and azure excluded, or in its place), which is situated at the border with the Ottoman Empire (hence the saber in lion's paw).

August 9, 1528: Made Count Palatine of Banat and Joined Order of
the Dragon and received new Patent of Arms with supporters.
(1985- Sir John movie - movie actually made ~ 1989) � age: 39

May 23, 1529: Marriage to Lady Katrina of Hatzfeld Castle In Banat. (1986 � actually 1987)

In 1529 the Turks began to overrun Hungary.

August 1, 1537: Battle of Montemurlo

8 November, 1540: Purchased land with a manor house, which I named �Felsenbau Manor� � age: 51

11 November 1540: Registered Coat of Arms of Manor.

1541: Turks occupy Hungary�s capital: Buda (pest)� King Ferdinand concludes a treaty - and Hungary split into 3 parts: NW as Royal Hungary ruled by the Hapsburgs, Central Hungary ruled by the Turks, and South Eastern Hungary (Transylvania) becomes a Principality.

-Death of Margrave Eugene�Eldest Daughter-Katrina�s husband becomes new Margrave. (2009)

Summer, 1552: Hungarian Strongholds at Szolnok, Temesvar fall to the Ottomans during their invasion� Southern Banat incorporated into the Ottoman Empire.

December 6, 1552: (2009) � Ottomans break treaty and attack Egar. Habsburg Victory.

Ottoman campaign ceased until 1566.

Made a knight in the Order of the Knights of Columbus.

Lady Katrina passes away.

1552: Ottomans attack Eager.

August 1553: (August, 2010) � age: 64

August 2, 1554: (2011) Battle of Marciano � age: 65

October 23, 1560: Visit to England (PA Renaissance Faire- actually in 2010)

November, 1560: Awarded membership in the Order of the Golden Fleece.

The territory of Banat is divided into three parts: Royal Hungary had fallen to the Habsburgs under a Royal Voivode (Governor or Regent); Transylvania; and the central plain under Ottoman control until the late 17th century, when the Austrian Habsburgs took over. � (Appointed to position of Royal Voivode)

February 16, 1561: Awarded rank of Free Imperial Knight of the
Holy Roman Empire.

October, 1561: Second visit to England (PA Renaissance Faire � 2011)

1564: King Maximillian of Hungary in power (Hapsburg)

1566: Battle of Szigetvar. Ottomans renew attacks. Hungarian Banat still divided into three sections: West (Royal) Banat, under Austrian rule; central Banat, under Turkish rule; and semi-independent Transylvania under Ottoman suzerainty.

1568: Treaty between the Austrian and Ottoman Empires � lasted 25 years of peace.

An eight-year truce (1568) between Emperor Maximilian II and Sultan Selim II confirmed John in Transylvania. Thus Hungary remained split into three states - an Austrian part (Royal Banat), a Turkish part (Eyalet of Temesvar), and Transylvania.

The majority of the Hungarian population fled northward to Royal Hungary.

1576: King Rudolph of Hungary in power (Hapsburg)

[Hapsburg Dynasty reigns until 1780]

[1780-1918: Hapsburg � Lothringen Dynasty]

{1848-1916: Franz J�sef I � Franz J�sef DuBan born 1885)


The Purple Knight is a man of Christian virtue and a man of honor.

The Purple Knight is loyal to his God, to his family, to his friends, and to his country and will never knowingly disgrace them.

The Purple Knight is a man of character who values courage and
honesty who values and respects all life and with St. Paul has put aside all childish ways.

The Purple Knight is always a gentleman for he is considerate of others’ sensibilities. He manifests his Christian joy by his readiness to come to the aid of those in need.

The Purple Knight respects his God by keeping the commandments.

The Purple Knight respects his teachers for he understands that they serve as guides on his way to a productive life.

The Purple Knight is chivalrous by first of all having a devotion to the Mother of Jesus, Mary and flowing from that devotion a respect for all women whether young or old.

The Purple Knight shows respect for himself by his appearance, actions and speech.

The Purple Knight shows respect for his Order by striving to make it the best that it can be by the care he shows for its physical structure and equipment and the spirit and enthusiasm he exhibits for all its activities.

The Purple Knight realizes that through his baptism he has put on Jesus Christ and that his life-long vocation is to make that identity come into Sharper Focus.

Filming of the movie:

Filming of the movie:

Filming of the movie:

Filming of the movie:

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