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Sir Ethalen of Inverness

(Last updated: 2012-12-06 02:30:54 ET)

Beginnings as a Reeve

Ethalen Finnolaigh hails from the lands north of Edinborough, Scotland. Inverness, and the shire surrounding it, was his home. His clan thrived in the raising of cattle and held considerable wealth and noble title. That was until, as is the way of Scots, one of Ethalen's own kin carried off the family fortune and left a black mark upon the family. Disgrace was Finnolaigh's mistress.
Seeing his fellow clansmen and families suffering set a spark in Ethalen's heart. Determined to restore honour to his family name, and bring fortune back to his kin, Ethalen took up the mantle of a reeve, a Ranger, and set upon the trails of the Highlands.
With bow and sword, garbed in black and working under cover of dark, Ethalen quickly proved successful in meeting out justice against those robbing fellow Scots of wellness and happiness.

Finding Knighthood

Though Ethalen did well in proving to himself the goodness of the Finnolaigh name, his family still suffered the black mark by one of their own.
He dreamt of the day his family would be restored to honour.
Word came to his ear of a shire on the border of Scotland and England. A place of goodness and peace. It was called Castleton. And it was there that one could find his fate. His destiny.
So to Castleton did Ethalen travel. He scouted the towne of its namesake, and found himself amazed at the truth of the rumours. It truly was a place of peace and goodness!
And it was also the site of an assembly of soldiers and knights. From Castleton, many a man set out on missions into the Mundane lands to bring light and hope to many.
One such band of men-at-arms was a company of knights that held to an ancient code. They donned the trappings of their forefathers, no matter that many contemporaries held to more current arms and armour.
These footsoldiers simply called their order The Knights of Castleton.
Ethalen met with them and was quickly perceived a kindred spirit. And it was their belief that any man, showing the heart and will towards justice and right-action, compassion and honour, peace and courage, deserved the right to title of knight.
Ethalen was taken to the tournament field and dubbed henceforth Sir Ethalen of Inverness!