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Sir Edward the Blue Knight

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[Ed's arms and armor]

May 2013
On modern knights

Sadly, knights no longer exist, at least in the mythical sense that most of us know from movies and stories. I'm not sure if they ever truly existed in that fashion, but even back in the middle ages, the rules of chivalry, and some of the heroic deeds performed by knights, were inspired by the popular stories of their day, which included the Arthurian legends.

Today, knighthood is an honor that continues to be bestowed. However, many of the more well-known cases can be nothing more than an honorous title given by vestigial royalty (though there are certainly other systems of knighthood still in existence today). It's not meaningless, but it doesn't necessarily speak to the constitution of those who receive it. They may simply be famous or well accomplished people. Success does not equal virtue. Renown does not imply character, spirit, and heart. There are far more unsung heroes than decorated ones, and it's not the official accolade that makes the man.

Having said that, I certainly wouldn't turn down such an honor. :)


Patriotic Mordschlag!
About me

I've been interested in swords, armor, and chivalry ever since I was about thirteen years old. Much of it started from my interest in fantasy gaming, movies, and stories, however as my collection grew, I became increasingly interested in the history as well.

At the end of 1998 I started putting together my first kit, and was able to wear it to a renaissance faire for the first time in the spring of 1999, though it was much more simple at the time. Ever since then, I've enjoyed being a knight at the renfaires, and letting kids and families have their picture taken with me. In 2007 and 2008 I made significant improvements to my early 14th century kit, which continues to this day, and receive many compliments and photo opportunities at the faires when I wear it.

I also started ModernChivalry.org in January of 2008.

My interest in Chivalry started out as a general sense of seeking virtue and nobility. I started wearing a pendant as a personal reminder to "be good and virtuous" around the age of thirteen (roughly when I also started collecting swords) and I didn't realize that it was related to my medieval interests until 2006! It was quite the epiphany, realizing that these aspects of my life and my interests had been intertwined for so long without me consciously realizing it.

Before I called it Chivalry by name, it had already helped to save me in ways that I can not fully describe. I went through many years of despair, and the effort to become that which I myself can admire was instrumental in climbing out of the abyss.

I've come to think of myself as a modern-day knight, in much the way someone might consider himself a "Renaissance Man". I don't think this is a conceit. Actually, at one time any able-bodied young male of noble or gentile heritage was expected to train in arms, and would be called a "knight" (in fact, the word origin simply means "servant boy"). During much of the history within which we most fondly remember the knights, one of the most distinguishing traits that separated them from other warriors was simply the wealth to afford a horse, most importantly, but also armor, weapons, and training. As I am an avid collector, am training in historical swordsmanship, own modern weapons, have a personal interest in Chivalry, and was knighted in a small historical recreation society, I have no problem using the title in this context.

VARF, 2011
Persona and Back-story

Still working on that! Watch this space. :)

"Edward Bonagarde" is the SCA persona name I have registered. I am not an SCA knight, not even one of their fighters, as I do historical swordsmanship by other means.



VARF, 2011
MDRF, 2009 (roughly 55 pounds)
MDRF, 2007 (roughly 50 pounds)
Sir Brian and Sir Edward, VARF 2011
MDRF 2009, My banner and shield.
VARF, 2009
Receiving the Accolade, 2001