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Page Fearghas MacDimm

(Last updated: 2013-06-15 17:14:30 ET)

[White Bear Armoury]

Brother-Sergeant of the Order of the Hospital of St. John

MacDimm was born in the Year of Our Lord 1225. He is the son of Dimm Ragnarson, first of his line to settle in the highlands of Scotland. Trading his life of pillaging the high seas for a simpler one of farming, Dimm took a local Christian woman named Colina as his wife and professed the faith himself. While Fearghas was still a child, Dimm found the oceans once again calling his name and set off to raid and pillage once more. Luck was not on his side however, and he was soon imprisoned in the low dungeons of a highland keep. Growing up in shame, MacDimm turned to the Church as his escape and found comfort in both attending Mass and watching the local priory of Knights Hospitaller drilling in the yards of the Torphichen Preceptory. When he grew old enough to swing a sword, MacDimm took up residence with the Hospitallers. Not being of noble birth, knighthood seemed out of the question, but a particularly kind Hospitaller agreed to take him on as his page, to assist the Knights of the Order in any way necessary. At the age of 25, MacDimm set off on his first tour of duty in the Holy Land as a Brother-Sergeant.

About Me

I've been involved in Medieval Reenactment since 2005, when I began college. My characters have ran the gamut from a Braveheart-style Scotsman to a Viking trader to my current role as a Hospitaller. While I mainly practice combat through a combat-focused boffer group called Dagorhir, I also enjoy archery, primitive skills such as fire building, raising livestock (ducks and chickens thus far), and other medieval activities. I also enjoy leather work, and run my own small leather shop for armor and reenactment goods.

MacDimm Coat of Arms

Sable, On a chief vert three crescents facing sinister sable, a rampant bear argent.

"Honor, Strength, Integrity"

Alternate Viking Kit