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Lord Chagatai

(Last updated: 2015-05-06 08:52:10 ET)

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My Story

Named after the second son of Temujin (Genghis Khan). Born in 1183 (Not really) and I have always been interested in Historical reenactment which started at a very young age with some role playing games like D&D.

Chagatai Burilgi translates to "he is white destroyer". Meaning I am the white man who destroys his enemies. Story of how the came about can be found in the next section....

previous kit

Born in 1183...I was born to a noble Irishmen and was betrothed to a great Scottish maiden. Born Murchadh Mac Diarmada I grew up protecting my lands from invaders. One day there was a raid on my betrothed lands and the raiders kidnapped my beautiful bride to be. I took my men and searched out these pesky invaders. I came across them, a mongol raiding party, my men and I attacked to try and save my lady. All my men were killed but not before we took out most of the horde. I was spared by the leader because of my stealth and courage in trying to kill him. I got passed all of his guards and had a knife to his throat when I felt cold steel at my neck. Because of my bravery he adopted me into the horde and gave me the name of Chagatai Burilgi meaning "he is white destroyer" and ever since I have been raiding and killing right along side all of my mongol brethren.


Or, a chevron gules and overall a legless wyvern displayed contourny, tail nowed sable.

My Badge to give to my men at arms

Per pale sable and Or, a cross formy throughout counterchanged.

Crown tourney
Crown Tourney fight