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Lord Dane

(Last updated: 2014-07-07 01:19:42 ET)

Hail thee well, my Brethren!!

Welcome...and well-met my Brothers & Sisters.

For those of you reading this hoping to gain better insight & perspective into those here (and elsewhere) seeking to make a more 'medieval life in modern day' ... may you find the resources you seek to follow in this path.

The path each follows to a 'medieval life' is making an effort to live a more simple existence that may contrast with the more modern conveniences we have become accustomed to. In seeking to relive days past, many find it in different ways. Some find it through re-enactment societies (such as the SCA) or other affiliated organizations, some through following the ideals of others, but all eventually find it in 'themselves' through the very life they live.

By sharing your thoughts through expressed words, you enhance the knowledge of all .... through educating yourself, you learn how to apply your skills .... and by improving your skills through training, you enhance your abilities. Through this way, the student becomes a teacher. And by constantly seeking self-improvement, you learn it is through others that we enhance ourselves. This process makes the teacher always a student and repeats the cycle of learning in life.

"Knowledge, application, and skill" in that order are the essential components to the cycle of learning.

For me, a medieval life began as a pass-time activity and became a passion sought through that of my own history and life-experience. This is how I found myself seeking my medieval path, and hope to always improve as I travel it. Always learning through self-improvement is how you better yourself to serve others.

These ideals are how I choose to better myself & seek my medieval path in life. With a compassionate heart, an open mind, and a moral soul, the world is able to improve one person at a time. Every individual has a role and a responsibility to improve themselves. In doing so, the world stands a chance to improve and hopefully rid ourselves of the influence that guides us away from this path.

May God bless you & free-will guide you as you find your path in life.....

My Medieval History & Persona

My own heritage is that of mostly Italian-descent as well as English & Irish heritage. In seeking out my own ancestry, I have sought to find out more of my own heraldry. In researching my own family, I have discovered....

My Personal Side

I met my beautiful wife 'Rachel' in late 2007 & it did not take long to figure out I was hooked. Our first conversation lasted 7 hours long and it was me trying to smooth her over with 'chivalric' gestures...and it worked. It turned out that we both have a 'passionate side' for the medieval period. We discussed having a medieval wedding which came true after many months of prepping & expense in October, 2008 @ CTRF. Thus, we created also what became our 'medieval personas' which we based off our actual family heritages and who we really are.

Me being of mostly Italian/English/Irish-descent and my wife being mostly of French/Portuguese/Germanic lineage. Both of us turning out to have prominent family histories in seeking to learn more about our past and our heraldry.

From this, we met some great people who share our interests & got more involved. We regularly attend the New England area ren-faires & festivals especially CTRF & King Richard's Faire annually, and sometimes will work them. I got involved in my knightly pursuits, designed/purchased my 1st kit, started to fight in armoured tournaments, & have continued ever since to this day.

We then got involved in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), sharing our talents, and gaining acclaim for our efforts. Our SCA involvement is based off our own personal interests & talents. For myself, this involves seeking self-improvement in my 'knightly pursuits' (i.e. weapons training, martial arts, heraldry, chivalry, medieval history, and other associated accolades) which takes all my real life talents & puts them into medieval practice. For my wife, her efforts are vested in 'vintages' & acting/performance but she also supports my knightly endeavours when needed. Henceforth, she fills in as my 'squire' and enjoys being the family photographer of our events.

I really invest much of my money & time into my medieval passion and strive for more 'authenticity & historical accuracy' in all I do. I'm glad I get to spend much of it with my wife where I work 'alot' & she has other interests that occupy her time. She really is my 'noble lady' and I love her dearly. Whatever happens in the future, I'm glad that she will be part of it with me.

Quick Props:(You'll find our photos in their galleries)
Connecticut Renaissance Faire (www.ctfaire.com)
King Richard's Faire (www.kingrichardsfaire.net)

My Medieval Pursuits (Past, Present & Future)

As I dwell into my past learning more about myself, my family, and medieval roots.... I hope to continue pursuing & improving my medieval activities. I will attend as many SCA events & ren-faires as possible, learning as much as I can & passing-on what I discover.

Presently, I plan to continue to involve myself in the 'ren-faire' scene & SCA life attending any events I can while constantly pursuing training & accolades along the way. I want to focus my current efforts in growing my own Christian Order of Knights by training squires, men-at-arms, and future knights in the ways of chivalry, virtue, discipline, and medieval life as it applies to 'knighthood' of the Crusader-era. My true medieval passion is studying the history of the 'monastic-religious orders' of knights (Templars, Hospitalliers, Teutonics) during the Crusader-era of the Holy Land & Europe between the end of the Dark Ages circa 900 a.d. to about 1490 a.d. (before the Renaissance period or 'Enlightenment' era).

What I hope for my 'future' endeavours is to start my own medieval production company w/ my wife using our talents together that we can turn into a business. I still want to continue my 'knightly pursuits' & learn how to ride, joust, and have this be part of our planned business. However, my 'equestrian' skills still need much work!! Eventually, I strive to operate/own a 'medieval-themed' faire in the New England area. (Can't say too much on this business concept)

Until then... I will continue to battle in tournaments against my peers & practice the ways of Chivalry.

Seeking my medieval path & pursuits ....