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Sir James A

(Last updated: 2014-10-22 14:05:30 ET)

About Me

I've had a fascination with most things medieval/knightly since I was a few years old. I started collecting weapons when I was about 15, and have a decent sized collection thus far. It is by no means complete, but it's a start. I also built my first castle at age 3 or 4, out of couch cushions and baby powder, while the babysitter was too distracted with the Atari to notice.

Arms & Armor Collection

Most of my armor collection is European, although I do have a reproduction, non-combat samurai armor harness. I have a few European reproduction suits ranging from roughly 14th-16th century; a Transitional, a Gothic, and an Italian. All of my European suits are combat capable.

My arms collection is a mixture of Japanese and European, and roughly the same of each. I have a wide variety; polearms, large swords, small swords, axes, daggers, exotic weapons (sai, shuko, etc). My collection is somewhere around 60, and I am working on fabricating a way to display them.

I spent a small bit of time fighting heavy weapons in SCA in most of my transitional European harness, with some loaner gear. I also spent about a year in Asian martial arts. I am hoping to get into reasonably consistent WMA class attendance in 2011.