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Sir Martyn, the Knight Itinerant; the Black and Green Knight

(Last updated: 2016-03-21 14:43:09 ET)

Gareyth's harness thanks to my friends at the Green Shield Armoury in Novi Sad, Serbia
Chivalry and Knighthood

The value we traditionally associate with knighthood and chivalry -- Honor, Courage, Faith, Humility, Justice, and Prowess to name a few – actually belong to any age. Still relevant today, they live on through our actions – good or ill – and the example we set for others in how we live our lives. It is our responsibility to see these traditions and teachings passed on.

Blessed with not only great friends but a patient and understanding family, activities like the Order and learning swordplay in Western Martial Arts are helping me to learn, teach and live out what as a child I could only dream of.

About Me

Born and raised in Alabama, growing up I was always fascinated by tales of knights and chivalry. The life lessons from my youthful reading were reinforced by the example of my father, my Scouting days and in other ways, such as the responsibilities we all come to understand as individuals in our education and all manner of employment as I grew to manhood.

I was fortunate to have a close group of friends growing up for whom imagination was the door allowing us to explore places at the time we could only dream about – in those days we went outside to play, but also spent a lot of time around the gaming table.

I've loved and was active in the theater since I was a child. Combining the fun of role play and combat, I discovered LARP to be a wonderful hobby and have attended large international events as well, including DrachenFest and Mythodea in Germany with the Grand Expedition. I'm also eager to also explore SCA and Living History.

When not swinging swords, I work for the U.S. Department of State and have served in multiple assignments in Washington DC and overseas including Slovakia, El Salvador, Moldova and Slovenia.

Taking the field in Croatia, 2012

With Gold Camp Preparing for the Final Battle at DrachenFest - 2012

In the Silver Camp, DrachenFest - 2012

In the the field in Croatia, 2011