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Sir Ancelyn

(Last updated: 2010-10-28 19:49:55 ET)


I was born the second of four sons, to a family of modest holdings. As such my avenues of advancement were limited to the cloister, serving the King as a scribe, or going out to make my own fortune. For a long time I stayed on the family estate and worked on the farm and worked the woods while taking what time I could scrape together to learn from an impoverished knight who had a small holding not far from my father's estate.

The new Baron

My chance came when the local baron died and his son inherited the title. When his party rode through our part of the shire on his way to London, he was going to pay homage to our king Henry IV, I presented myself at his camp and offered my services as a man at arms. Many men in the party laughed, but as a an ambitous young man himself and one of a good humor he was pleased to allow me to try. It was a pleasure to demonstrate both to them and myself that I knew what I was doing as one after another prooved unable to best me.

One of the Baron's knights decided I might have the makings of a knight myself despite my advanced age (I was already in my 20's) and took me on as his squire. This turned out to be a providential meeting as the old knight who taught me had once served the baron's father and trained many of his knights, including my new master sir Caddogan, before retiring.

The Hundred Years War

Months and years passed and in the fullness of time I was knighted. Although I have no holding of my own as of yet, my master the Baron has prooven himself to be a good and fair man, a rarity in these troubled times. We have again traveled to Londone towne for the coronation of Prince 'Hal' and great things are afoot. Soon we will all be bound to France to fight in the wars to liberate our King's lands from the rapacious grip of the French pretenders. There will be privation, adventure, the chance for advancement, and even the joy of training my youngest brother in the knightly arts.

Author's Note

As time passes I hope to refine my character. Until then, enjoy the eccentricity and anachronisms!