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Sir Ian should be able to help a lot on this. Hold on and I will poke him.
The Armoury / 15th cen' Gothic Gauntlets - Plated or Scaled fingers?
« Last post by Nick on 2018-01-02, 09:23:06 »
Hi everybody!

In the coming months, I'm planning on ordering a pair of 15th/16th century Gothic-style gauntlets, custom made to my specifications. I'm waiting on a response from an armourer in the Ukraine (there are none in my area that are even remotely affordable, sadly) but while I do that, I've been looking around at various gauntlet designs, both historical antiques and modern-day reproductions. And in that time, I've noticed that almost all of them seem to have very similar construction, barring one aspect - the fingers.

A lot of modern-made Gothic gauntlets seem to have "scaled" fingers, where several smaller plates are layered over eachother like lamallar, like this nice looking reproduction pair made by Wulflund:

 But a few of them - more noticeable with actual historical antiques - have "plated" fingers, where each finger section is protected by a single plate, connected by knuckle sections, like this frankly beautiful antique pair that I'm honestly in love with:

There doesn't seem to be any real difference in cost regarding modern day items, but the plated fingers still seem to be a lot more common. My question is this: From a protection/comfort standpoint... Is there any real difference? Visually, I prefer the plated fingers, and that's what I'm going to be ordering for my own pair in the coming months. But I've always wondered if there's any actual advantage or disadvantage to either style, or if it's just a purely aesthetic subject. Or, alternatively, if one style is just easier to make than the other. I'd assume that the scaled fingers would be easier for an armourer to create as they're a lot more modular when it comes to measurements. But the fact that pricing doesn't seem affected by it makes me question that.

Hope somebody's got some info to slate my curiosity! I'll be doing a review of the gauntlets I do order. Ideally I'll have them some time around March, provided the smith I'm talking to responds in a timely manner.
The Armoury / Re: Starting my kit
« Last post by Lord Dane on 2018-01-01, 10:46:24 »
Talk to Jason Young, Trinity Arms (out of Florida)
The Great Hall / Re: Hail Fellows
« Last post by Lord Dane on 2018-01-01, 10:42:13 »
Welcome to the forum.
The Great Hall / Re: Happy Christmas all!
« Last post by Lord Dane on 2018-01-01, 10:40:49 »
Better yet, don't give me reason to arrest you. Stay home.
The Great Hall / Hi everyone!
« Last post by Nick on 2018-01-01, 10:08:03 »
So, after making my account last July, and (eventually) getting it verified by an Admin in November, I figured the new year was a good time to finally introduce myself - Especially since I'm planning on getting a new piece of kit in the coming months.

I'm Nick. I'm a scrawny 20-something nerd from the hell-blasted wastes of Terra Incognita (otherwise known as a quiet suburb in Western Australia). I've been interested in medieval European history, culture, armaments and fighting styles since I was but a child. On my 14th birthday I received an Agincourt style hand-and-a-half sword, and my collection has been growing ever since.

I'm currently in the (very slow) process of putting together a 15th/16th century style plate harness. I started with a Tudor style armet helm by Windlass, and am now hoping to commission some Gothic articulated gauntlets from an armourer in the Ukrain. If all goes well, I should have them by March!

I've sadly never done any HEMA, SCA or LARP yet, although I plan on changing that this year. I'm hoping to get into historical rapier fencing and possibly armoured foot combat.

I enjoy writing, digital art and video editing. I also have an encyclopedic knowlege of sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, and Hidetaka Miyazaki's Dark-Souls franchise, because that's the kind of crucial, life-saving information that my brain holds on to.

Looking forward to being a part of this community! Hope you all had a great New-Years!
The Courtyard / Re: Fighting in armor
« Last post by Patrick on 2017-12-26, 21:37:50 »
Sounds good to me. Thanks
The Courtyard / Re: Fighting in armor
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2017-12-25, 02:15:43 »
Every day run 1 mile in the woods at as good a pace as you can.

Every morning do 30 pushups, 30 bodyweight squats, and 30 situps.

Eat well & get good sleep. 6 packs are built in the kitchen after all.

Do 100 blows to the Pell for 100 days. 1 day in 7 do that in full kit.
The Great Hall / Happy Christmas all!
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2017-12-25, 02:13:05 »
May Christmas be jolly and bright.
And if not, my it be quiet and nice.
And if not, may there be no cops or other emergency services.
And if not, may you have bail money.  :)
The Courtyard / Re: Fighting in armor
« Last post by Patrick on 2017-12-24, 23:08:54 »
Can't tell you anything besides that the mail is riveted: here's a link to what I ordered. http://www.kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=AB2486&name=DFNM+Chain+Mail+Hauberk+%2D+Dome+Riveted+Flat+Rings
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