"I think that more Knights are made on the school-ground than on the battle field."
                ---Benjamin Disraeli

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The Armoury / AF Mask painting inspiration needed.
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2017-11-08, 02:23:42 »
So I have an AF mask and I need to paint it to get rid of that hideous unremitting black. I have thought about crusader helms & 14th cen helms (especially that narrow faced Italian klappavisor), and Russian face helms (and inspiration from GUi Avec Cheval's Helms Album) and so on but I haven't yet found one that jumps out at me and screams "PICK ME!!" So any help would be keen. I am not greatly skilled a painter but still some inspiration would be nice.

Thanks all. :)
The Market Square / New Albion Sheriff on ebay.
« Last post by Lord Dane on 2017-11-06, 11:51:19 »
The Armoury / Re: Maille and maille accessories
« Last post by Lord Dane on 2017-11-06, 11:47:46 »
The Armoury / Re: Starting my kit
« Last post by Sir Cedric on 2017-11-05, 04:01:20 »
So far I bought a hauberk. I also just ordered a better gambeson from Forge of Svan so I'll be putting a review of that up when it gets here. Probably going to get a helmet next (though I'm not sure what kind), and then some gauntlets. Those will also be more useful for sparring I suppose anyway.
I really don't like open faced helmets, so even if I went as a footsoldier I would probably go with a visored sallet over an open faced bascinet.
The Armoury / Maille and maille accessories
« Last post by Steven Good on 2017-11-02, 19:18:39 »
Im wonder where the best place to pick up some, somewhat, reasonably priced maille chausses that function well and i would prefer to have an integrated leather sole. They are going to be supplemented by schinbaulds, knee poleyns and padded cuisse
The Great Hall / Re: Hello to all!
« Last post by Lord Dane on 2017-11-01, 14:17:17 »
Welcome to the forum.
The Round Table / Re: Great Motivational Quotes For The Order.
« Last post by Lord Dane on 2017-11-01, 14:11:04 »
Get it done already & stop slacking.
It's true that some of us may not be naturally inclined towards that sort of social insight. However, I see it as a skill that one can cultivate, with effort substituting for natural talent or native aptitude, same as any other.

The reason why I feel that it is important for would-be modern knights to cultivate this skill is because, should we be successful in cultivating our character through The Code, we should be the sort of man that women would naturally approach for help with predatory men, just like "Clark," the man that the author had approached in her article. However, where "Clark" failed, we must not, not if we are to embody our highest ideals. Character must be paired with competence, or else we would be doing more harm than good.
"In valor, there is hope." - Tacitus
The Courtyard / Re: Concussions, informed consent, and CTE
« Last post by Matthew of the Isles on 2017-10-31, 17:11:05 »
There is wisdom to your words. I thank you for it.
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