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Author Topic: dimensions of 15C german halberd haft?  (Read 2662 times)


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dimensions of 15C german halberd haft?
« on: 2016-09-20, 20:41:57 »
Hello everyone,

I just got one of GDFB's halberd heads. I am going to buy 6-foot ash to mount it on. The space between langets/tangs is 1"... that's tiny!   So what should the dimensions of the haft actually be??  Is it like 1" x 2"  or 2" x 2" shaved down at the head end? 

Pictures of originals have wood extending beyond the langets, so I imaging Im looking at 1.5" or 2" along that side (sideways side?).  but what about the front-facing side that is in between the langets? I have never seen a picture of an original head-on.

Oh! erm... Is it the overall dimensions are 6 feet including the head?  Or 6-foot haft, plus head?

Thank you for any help you might provide.

Kindest regards,


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Re: dimensions of 15C german halberd haft?
« Reply #1 on: 2016-09-21, 01:30:41 »
6ft is a little short for a Halberd historically IIRC.

Look at this version of what would be in that same class. It's 83"


Are you thinking of a poleaxe?
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Re: dimensions of 15C german halberd haft?
« Reply #2 on: 2016-09-23, 12:16:54 »
not really.

i like to keep mine about the height of me. they are easier to control.

you can easily carve the areas that the langets cover so you can get a larger shaft.

i used to think that the rivets went all the way through to the other side, but after listening to someone..... i cant remember who it was, he said they weren't. they used nails that went in at different directions

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Re: dimensions of 15C german halberd haft?
« Reply #3 on: 2016-09-24, 17:10:00 »
Yes, you can shape the area of the haft that mounts the actual polearm head.

I have a GDFB pole axe that I made a hardwood shaft by laminating two pieces into a larger piece (tons of glue & tons of clamps). I shaved down the sides parallel with the blade to give it more of a rounded rectangle shape, rather than circular. I haven't played with it much, but the same concept worked well for controlling blade alignment.

Also, hail and welcome!
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Re: dimensions of 15C german halberd haft?
« Reply #4 on: 2016-09-26, 03:48:40 »
I've had the book Hafted Weapons in Medieval and Renaissance Europe: The Evolution of European Staff Weapons between 1200 and 1650 by John Waldman recommended to me, but have yet to pick up a copy.
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