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Author Topic: Hail from the Old Dominion!  (Read 4080 times)


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Re: Hail from the Old Dominion!
« Reply #15 on: 2015-05-29, 23:57:05 »
Well met Jeremy!
Im glad you have such a wide range of interests! I hope we can help.
Also, thank you for your service.

P.S. Can you tell us more about your hauberk?

My hauberk, though I may be referring to it wrong- is a dark nickel silver in the European 4 in 1 weave style. It's heavier than many maille jackets I've held or worn. It stretches down to myknees, but the sleeves are very short, almost vest-like. I got it from my father on my last birthday in order to substitute for another gift, as someone had gifted it to him and he didn't have use for it. I actually added it to my Greek panoply, which, along with my red tunic and black plate gave my outfit a kind of Roman Noble look (as some Roman nobles adopted the Corinthian helm just out of appreciation for the aesthetic, even though it was often the Italo-Corinthian style). I definitely think it's more fitting to use in a medieval setting.

Sir Edward, for as shy as horses are I find jousting horses to be an amazing spectacle. Their ability to completely disregard their inset nature is very intriguing to me. That's why I find the vision of myself on a dark and audacious stallion such a romantic prospect!
"Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum" -De Re Militari

Sir Dimitry

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Re: Hail from the Old Dominion!
« Reply #16 on: 2015-06-02, 03:38:14 »
Stallions are a pain to deal with if you're not an experienced horseperson and even then most would rather deal with geldings.

Many factors go in training a horse to joust or for medieval games. Dressage is one of the best disciplines you can learn that equates to you and your horse becoming a single machine. I can tell you its very hard, and takes a long time. But the rewards are great.
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