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Re: Coif Ventail
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UGH!!!  I couldn't stand it- drove me nuts when I couldn't get my fat arm in just below the shoulder; got frustrated and tried to force it and ended up with a neat little scar at the eyebrow where a rivet dragged a little too hard.  I don't have the hand or the patience for it.  But 3 hauberks...what'd you do with them?

He gain'd some wait during the process and is now known as Sir Cumference...put the donuts down Sir James! ::looks at rotund figure:: Leave some for us fat folk!

LOL, not quite. First one was the butted mail shirt I traded Sir William (with a pourpoint) for a helm. The torso was fine, but the forearm was too tight *with the gambeson*. It fit fine without it. I was up until wee morning hours tailoring it the night before the first Order of the Marshal knighting ceremonies at VARF, and made an amateur mistake.

The other 3 are 2 haubergeons and a hauberk. The 2 haubergeons are mostly good, one actually fits fine but pinches at the armpit when I raise my arms to shoulder level or higher. The other one, I can technically use but I measured it to go over my arming coat (unpadded) instead of my gambeson (padded) so I need to expand it a bit. I tailored both of those the week before we did the photoshoot in May last year; my fallback was that I nipped open the top of the sleeves and ran lacing through it, and then laced it snug after it was on. It was all hidden under the spaulders and pauldrons anyway.

The hauberk is chugging along well. This time around, I measured, cut, and re-assembled using zip ties on every 3 or so rings to check fitment first. I've had to measure, cut and test on my own, but all is well so far. Only thing that might be an issue is I think the sleeves might be slightly too short, but I don't recall if they came short or I took them down some... bought it over a year ago and still haven't finished. :D
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