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Sir Samuel The Dark Knight

(Last updated: 2009-11-12 15:58:19 ET)

[Historic Loveland Castle]

Sir Samuel

I was born the only child of my parents together. This birth was in Virginia, At the age of 2 I moved to Ohio were I was raised in a small little community just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The town is named Branch Hill. It is a small town along the banks of the little Miami River. At the age of 6 my father, who at the time was a Scout Leader took me to a place in a neighboring town called Loveland. This place was the most amazing place I had ever seen since we had moved from Virginia. It was a Castle, being hand built by one man. This man was Noble Sire Sir Harry D. Andrews. He was a quiet gentle man of God. After meeting him I was so intrigued by the beauty of his castle and the way in which he was building it. I therefore made it a point to go see Sire Harry every chance I got. He would teach me the games of chess and checkers. He had a rule, if you lost you must carry a stone up from the river banks and bring it up to him to use in the construction. This I would seem to do a multiple of times a day. One day at the age of 10 I had my father drop me off there and I took with me two buckets, these I filled and dragged up the hill to the front door. I rang the bell to let Sire Harry know I was there. He opened the door and upon seeing my scrawny self along with the 2 buckets he chuckled. He then began to explain to me what it meant to be a knight and the work needed to become one. I agreed I would do anything to be a Knight. That day I was dubbed a Page.

Chateau La Roche
Education and Training

Sire Harry had explained to me the importance of God in my life as well as a good education. I went to a Catholic School and was very active in the Church. I kept my grades up to the best I could manage and continued to meet with Sir Harry on whatever available weekend I could get to him. He would teach me the art of Stone Masonry and Chivalry. I graduated High School in 1984 and joined the U.S. Marine Corps. When I left the Corp. in 1989 with the rank of 1st Sgt. I then went to College in 1990 at Urbana University and began my studies in Theology and Psychology gaining a Double Associates degree in both by 1993. I left Urbana to continue to raise my 3 wonderful children and work hard to provide for my (then) wife and Family. I re-entered College in 1994 at the University of Cincinnati to continue my studies in Computer Sciences. I graduated in 1997 on the Deans List with a B.S. in Computer Sciences. Over the many years I also was trained in Martial Arts Studying Tae Kwon Do along with my Marine Training. I have since relaxed on any other education. Feeling it was necessary to raise my family. This I did By working as a Hod Carrier/ Mason for the last 20+ yrs.

The Overlook Balcony
Becoming a Knight

Over the many years I was away from the Castle my heart wained to be there again. Upon my return I found that Sir Harry had passed away due to complications from burns he recieved. The New Seneschal Sir Joe Carey was now in charge of the Knighthood as well as the overseeing of the continued construction of Sir Harry's Castle. I reaffirmed my Loyalty to the cause and worked digilliantly for 2 yrs. proving myself worthy of Knighthood. I was then Knighted in 1997 during my time at U.C.. I have since spent many years on the road and back again.I am currently working to maintain the good grace of all that I left behind. Working again dilligiantly to keep Sir Harry's dream alive. I lost my son in March of 2007, were upon his death he was named A Knight Eternal for he himself had spent many years working hard to become a Knight. He paid the greatest Sacrifice of all, I am forever in his shadow, for he became a great son, father and Knight of Valor for the cause of Good.

The Grand Hall or Ballroom

The Garden Side