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Sir Blackwolf

(Last updated: 2009-10-19 20:07:43 ET)

[Medieval Fantasies Company]

Sir Blackwolf and Dame Dagrny
May I introduce myself?

Sir Blackwolf aka Chris Pugh lives with his wife and their three daughters in the western forests of Virginia. He is also Father to two sons and a daughter who reside far away, but they are ever close to his heart and mind. He and his lovely wife Mia own Medieval Fantasies Company where they strive to further the Ideals of Chivalry and teach those who would live by its Code. He is also a career Fire Lieutenant with over 29 years in the Fire Service, a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a student of Knightly ways and Chivalry since childhood. His greatest hope is one day to be thought of as a good Knight.

The House of Blackwolf
Little Bit of Sunshine in Action
Medieval Workout
Archery demonstration
Archery demonstration
Sir Blackwolf and Dame Dagrny
Little Bit of Sunshine verses a Ferocious Grapefruit