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Title: Mail chausses/ Padding
Post by: Naythan on 2015-01-23, 02:15:51
Well, It's come to my attention, that before I buy any mail chausses, I need padding for them. Where Can I purchase padding for Mail chausses?
What are some good sites to purchase mail chausses? Was padding worn under the chausses? following mid to late 13th century, there are often cuisses worn over the chausses. Is there more padding under? could it be worn under instead? I also see that padded cuisses only cover to the knee or a little past it. Was there any padding for the lower legs? I know The first greaves can be seen in this time (mid to late 13th century) or Half greaves. Would they have padding on the greave itself? was there any padding? From my viewpoint perhaps, not with, Chausses under mail chausses- (Possibly leather attached to the chausses?)- and then the greave. One might not need padding.
Title: Re: Mail chausses/ Padding
Post by: Sir James A on 2015-01-23, 17:10:58
You don't NEED it, but depending on your tolerance level, it may make it more comfortable.

Padding would be worn either under OR over chausses. Some of the crusaders mention the upper padding being over top of the chausses. Sir Nathan could give more details, I'm sure. Not really my period, but I've picked up a few things from others.

Padding under half greaves (schynbalds) and over top of mail would have been redundant. I don't think they would have, but just a personal thought, no specific sources to back it up with. My schynbalds have a light skin of leather behind them, but I did that so I had the option of wearing them without chausses, and possibly customizing a set of chausses by chopping out the bits that the schynbalds would cover.
Title: Re: Mail chausses/ Padding
Post by: Ser Cor Volaire on 2018-02-05, 05:55:45
Looking for help with XIIIth Cen. style mail Chausses. I am trying to find a set of lace-back Chausses, riveted of course. My request is two-part; first any sources for the chausses themselves, secondly any help with fitting them properly. Authenticity is key for me.
Title: Re: Mail chausses/ Padding
Post by: Thorsteinn on 2018-02-09, 21:34:43
Have you asked Historic Enterprises?