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Sir Wolf:
Sir Christian, are there any events this summer that maybe we here in the WV/VA area could car pool up too? Which ones would you say usually draw the best crowds or have the most activities planned out?  It would be great to come up and hang out.

What would we need? A Tent? food, armour and weapons etc? or just ourselves, modern camping stuff etc?

Christian Tobler:
Hello Sir Wolf,

Well, attendance at our gathering is by invitation. But, consider yourself invited! ;)

Gathers are held at our place. You could tent it if you wished,though you could just sleep in one of our two pavilions that we set up for the tournament. If you've a sleeping bag and/or air mattress, there's always the feast hall (our large, downstairs room) indoors as well.

If you'd plan on fighting in the tournament, then at least light armour - helmet, gauntlets, gambeson - is a good idea. You can, of course, wear more if you'd like. We have our own padded swords, spears, and poleaxes, so you don't need weapons.

If you plan to come, we'll need to have advanced warning for a head count for the feast, etc. I'm presuming you already know that we have a ritual at night, and that isn't any problem for you.
All the best,



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