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Sir William:
Here is a definitive listing of the books reviewed or mentioned by the Knights of this forum; the format is as follows:

Book title, author, (owner) and Amazon permalink.

1.  A Great and Terrible King, by Marc Morris (Sir Gerard)
2.  A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry, by Geoffroi de Charny (Sir Edward)
3.  Armour of Imperial Rome, by H Russell Robinson (Sir Wolf)
4.  Arms and Armor of the Crusading Era 1050-1350, by David Nicolle (Sir Wolf)
5.  Azincourt, by Bernard Cornwell (Sir William aka Paladin)
6.  Battle: A Visual Journey through 5000 Years of Combat, by R.G. Grant (Sir William)
7.  Book of Knighthood and Chivalry, by Ramon Lull (Sir Edward)
8.  Chivalry and Violence in Medieval Europe, by Richard W. Kaeuper (Sir Edward)
9.  Chivalry Now, by D. Joseph Jacques (Sir Edward)
10. Chivalry, by Maurice Keen (Sir Edward)
11. Fighting with the German Longsword, by Christian Tobler (Sir Edward)
12. In Service of the Duke, by Christian Tobler (Sir Edward)
13. Records of the Medieval Sword, by Ewart Oakeshott (Sir William)
14. Reign of Chivalry, by Richard Barber (Sir Wolf)
15. The Black Douglas aka James the Good, by David Ross (Sir Brian)
16. The Compleat Gentleman, by Brad Miner (Sir Ancelyn)
17. The Complete Romances of Chretien de Troyes, (Sirs Wolf and William)
     - Erec and Enide
     - Cliges
     - The Knight of the Cart (Lancelot)
     - The Knight of the Lion (Yvain)
     - The Story of the Grail (Percival)
18. The Grail Quest Series, by Bernard Cornwell (Sir William)
     - Harlequin aka The Archer’s Tale
     - Vagabond
     - Heretic
19. The Greatest Knight, by Elizabeth Chadwick (Sirs Brian and William)
20. Time Travelers Guide, by Ian Mortimer (Sir Gerard)
21. The Troy Series, by David Gemmell (Sir William)
     - Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow
     - Troy: Shield of Thunder
     - Troy: Fall of Kings
22. William Marshal, by David Crouch (Sir William)
23. Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett (Sir William)
24. World Without End, by Ken Follett (Sir William)
25. The Scarlet Lion, by Elizabeth Chadwick (Sir William) no permalink found

Sir William:
Listings 26 - 50 (the first six comprise the Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell)

26. The Last Kingdom,
27. The Pale Horseman
28. Lords of the North: A Novel
29. Sword Song
30. The Burning Land
31. Death of Kings: A Novel

More to come; I can't recall how to get the abbreviated url links off Amazon, even tho the first 25 have them.  Go figure.

Sir William:
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Sir William:
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Sir William:
Reserved for future copy; if it is shown that these other post areas are unnecessary, I'll delete them.


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