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Marching Through Time (MTT) April 19 -20, 2008

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Sir Wolf:
Marching Through Time (MTT) April 19 -20, 2008

Marietta Mansion
5626 Bell Station Road
Glenn Dale, Md. 20769

Spend the day at our annual multi-period living history encampment including re-enactors from 1st c. Romans through 20th c. World War II and more. Demonstrations include camp and domestic life, cooking, crafts, weaponry, and military drills. Also featuring period merchants and food. No pets please. Free parking at Glenn Dale Community Center with continuous shuttle service to event.

More information on the mansion available at:

come see me, come on you know you want too!!!  we need the public. the park has a new manager and they don't know if they want to be bothered by this event again. i don't know why, theres usually over 500 reenactors for people to come see. and its been around for ever.

Sir Wolf:
bump. its getting closer. who's coming to see me and about a ton of other different reenactors.  rumor is this might be the last one... come on. come as a group. come and play and see me. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pam, we'll let you put on Steve's full plate!! give ya a chance to feel it all at once :)  Come on Bill and Ed, Christian Clausin will be there from MASHS in Baltimore

past years pictures:

Das Bill:
I'd love to come. I *might* be able to make it on the 19th... I'll have to check my schedule.

Sir Edward:

I might be on pager duty that weekend. This month will be tough, in terms of how the scheduling may work out.

Sword Chick:
Wish I could.  Someone got to the calendar before me and already filled in those squares.   :'(



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