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Redesdale Uprising – A Commission of Array, Lord Grey's Retinue Private Event


Sir Wolf:
Redesdale Uprising – A Commission of Array
September 26 - 28, 2008

Historical Background

It is July, 1469. Edward IV gives Lord Codnor a commission of array during the Robin of Redesdale uprising. The uprising eventually results in the Battle of Edgecote.

Codnor musters the Shire levy, has his officers take a roll of the levy, checks their equipment and determines their military preparedness.

The levy includes both archers and men at arms, who will be inspected by the regular Grey's household troops.


Grey's officers: Take roll of the levy, and direct the inspections and drills to determine the troop readiness.

Grey's Household: Inspect the levied archers and men at arms.

Wolfe Argent: 'Flemish' Burgundian specialists, hired by Lord Grey to provide technical support for his household, as a contingent of specialists non-existent in England (pikemen and handgonners, with an officer commanding.

Lightly-equipped Grey's members and other guests (military): Archers and men at arms, depending on equipment and attire. Archers will shoot at clouts individually, and shoot arrayed in formation. Men at arms will drill as a practice array, as in battle.

Archers and men at arms will also be asked to carry wood and water, and assist where necessary so that meals may be prepared.

Other guests (civilian): Families, craftspeople, camp support, cooks. Point and laugh at the archers when they miss. Play games. Be kids. Little boys pretend to be big boys. Sell things. Buy things.

All: Play cards, games, sing, play instruments during down time.


Individuals will each have a set objective for the weekend, depending upon which group they are in. The exact objectives will be announced day-of during the officers' meetings, but as examples:

*Archers, men at arms, and hired specialists will be paid a salary at the beginning of the weekend. Whoever accumulates the most coin by the end of the weekend will be declared the winner of that group.
*Craftspeople and civilians will start out with a certain amount of money in their possession. They, too, will attempt to finish the weekend with as much money as possible.
*Household members rise and fall in favor with the lord. They attempt to curry as much favor as possible.

Money may be traded by gambling, paying subordinates, paying for services, buying and selling items, etc. When the event is over, the amounts will be tallied and winner(s) declared.

Sir Wolf:
hey Ed, i got an extra doublet, shirt and hat. you can come play too! ;) since you gots the new hosen and shoes!!


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