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Sir Edward:

I made up some simple cards to hand out at renfaires and other such events if we run into other knights. Check this out:

Sir Wolf:
ya! give em out to people with sweet looking gear or kits at different faires ;)

Sir Brian:
Well you better hook me up with some because I'll be going fully armored for the GARF
on opening weekend on April 13th.  ;)

Sir Edward:

OK, what I can do is print up a couple more sheets and mail you some. I'd say hand them out to anyone with a nice armor kit.

I keep a metal business-card holder in one of my pouches, and almost never remember that I have cards in it... but they've been personal cards until I made these up. Handing out info for the forum would be useful. :)

Sir Edward:

I've nearly used up the cards I've been carrying, so I'll print some more. Any folks want some cards to hand out?

I gave one to Sir Barchan last weekend (one of the jousters, also a founding member of Markland, etc). I don't know if he'll ever pop in and take a peek though :)


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