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Where is everyone chatting these days?


I see nothing on here since 2021 but the FB group is in the same year.  Where is everyone these days?  I know we all still love the topic.  We do this stuff outdoors an in 2022 it looks like the outdoor venues are coming back.

Sir Nate:
I'm just finishing up my History BA, now I'm gonna try and get a career started (wish me luck :P).
I'm on facebook very little, but I'm still responsive to messenger. I'm also kind of on Instagram. I guess if its ever an emergency someone can still reach me by Raven or Horseback.
I'm gonna be at VARF May 20th, 21st and June 3rd, 4th. So I'll see you there?

Moved again. Work, injury, & school are kicking my ass


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