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Tancreid de Rouen:
I have been working on this kit for little over a year now, I'm going for a late 12th century knight (1170's). I have gotten some feedback on these pictures already (thanks Ian!) so I figure I can at least post them here and say what I have been working on and hopefully I'll get some more feedback about how to improve the kit especially since this is my first attempt.

and before I forget it's for ren fairs and eventually I will run a 5k in this.

I'll follow this up with what I already know to change and what has been changed since taking these pictures.

Tancreid de Rouen:
I know the helmet needs to be a nasal helm (goes to show that looking at non period artwork is a bad plan lol) so im currently looking at one that will fit my giant head, the mail coif (not in the photo) is currently being integrated into the hauberk, I'm replacing the boots with ankle boots (with modern soles cuz of the eventual 5k), and the ring belt is going to be replaced with a buckled one and the sword is going to have its own dedicated belt. Aside from those things I have no idea what I'm doing haha. the only armor bit that is been a pain is the chausses, which I have jerry-rigged a suspension system for (see photos, and forgive the jeans under for the fit test haha), but I would love to see/hear how to actually wear them without them wanting to pull down so hard. Tho this system does work pretty well so far especially for running haha

You need an armor belt, to fit the chausses, to get a tie around above your calf, and to get them tied around your ankle. Keep in mind that butted mail is generally heavier and more likely to fall apart than rivited.

Tancreid de Rouen:
I just made a c-belt (at least that's what it came up as online) and did a test walking around for a few hours. It felt no different than just wearing regular pants. Thank you so much for that I didnt expect it to work that well! I'm going to make another one out of better material because I just used what I had on hand so it looks junky haha. When I get back from work I'll try to post some of the newer pictures of the kit

Tancreid de Rouen:
here's the most recent pictures I have. I replaced the helm with a nasal helm that fits my head tho I will admit i don't like the cross bands going across the top of it, the shoes are placeholders for some shoes I'm getting later on just wanted to not have those big boots haha. i added some more sturdy leather ties for the wrists after these pictures were taken (old ones snapped hence the bingo wings haha). Next on the list is making a better looking c-belt and completing a sword belt, then replacing shoes. I was thinking about getting turn shoes and adding a thin rubber sole to the bottom in order to actually be able to run the eventual 5k a bit more comfortably. That said anyone know of anyplace that sells some already like that? maybe a buhurt shop idk?


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