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Pacific Northwest 14th Century Group


Cedric of Havenhall:
it seems that most of the 14th century groups are based on the East coast,  Are there any others here in the Northwest interested in getting together?

No idea but I bet The 14th Cen Mafia on the book of faces knows. I have a few friends up there that love 14th cen kit.

Cedric of Havenhall:
There was one fellow that showed up a couple of times at the local SCA Branch (Barony of Dragons Laire) He had a beautiful kit and we fought well together but he got away before I could get mundane info and I haven't seen him since.  I keep hoping he will come back.
We have a great potential venue up here, a place called Camlann Village, just east of Seattle,  a living history village set in England in the 14th Century.  its a pretty incredible place and they are looking for reenactors to put on demos of armor and fighting. 


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