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Hi everyone!


So, after making my account last July, and (eventually) getting it verified by an Admin in November, I figured the new year was a good time to finally introduce myself - Especially since I'm planning on getting a new piece of kit in the coming months.

I'm Nick. I'm a scrawny 20-something nerd from the hell-blasted wastes of Terra Incognita (otherwise known as a quiet suburb in Western Australia). I've been interested in medieval European history, culture, armaments and fighting styles since I was but a child. On my 14th birthday I received an Agincourt style hand-and-a-half sword, and my collection has been growing ever since.

I'm currently in the (very slow) process of putting together a 15th/16th century style plate harness. I started with a Tudor style armet helm by Windlass, and am now hoping to commission some Gothic articulated gauntlets from an armourer in the Ukrain. If all goes well, I should have them by March!

I've sadly never done any HEMA, SCA or LARP yet, although I plan on changing that this year. I'm hoping to get into historical rapier fencing and possibly armoured foot combat.

I enjoy writing, digital art and video editing. I also have an encyclopedic knowlege of sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, and Hidetaka Miyazaki's Dark-Souls franchise, because that's the kind of crucial, life-saving information that my brain holds on to.

Looking forward to being a part of this community! Hope you all had a great New-Years!


Where abouts in WA are you living? I know it is a big area but we all have contacts all over so maybe we know folks in your area.

Hey Thorsteinn! Thanks for the response!

I'm down in the Rockingham/Warnbro area in Perth. I know of about three groups that do some SCA style stuff all across the Perth area - The Canton of Dragon's Bay being the one closest to me - I've actually spoken with them in the past. Although, I had a rather unfortunate experience when my boyfriend and I tried to attend one of their anniversary events north of the river: The event was supposed to run until 5pm in the afternoon, but when we arrived at midday hoping to be there for at least a few hours, we were met with a crowd of people who were already in the process of packing up and leaving. Rather put a damper on our enthusiasm, I'm sad to say.

However, I do know that the group is fairly large and wide-spread, and connected to at least two others. Last year one of them held a Walpurgisnacht festival a lot closer to my area, and while I wasn't able to attend it, I'm hoping they run another one this year so that I can finally get in on it. The same group does (or at least did, last I checked) some historical swordsmanship, including rapier fencing. And there are about three different HEMA schools I know about up in the city.

I struggle with motivation, energy and finances. But I'm making a concentrated effort this year to push past those barriers and get something started in the SCA/HEMA scene. So if you or anybody know of any other groups down near this admittedly isolated area, I'd appreciate the heads up!

Jon Blair:
Welcome to our noble assembly.


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