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Sir Rauri MacNeill:
I am interested in putting together a kit and begin reenacting as a Medieval knight. I am wanting to focus on late 13th and early 14th century Ireland, probably during the Bruce invasion. I am not new to reenacting as I am currently the First Sergeant for a Union Civil War unit.

I am currently going back to college to get my bachelors in history and my focus will be Medieval history. History has always been a major interest of mine, and I am hoping to change careers upon the completion of my degree. I have always been interested by the knights and castles of the Medieval Age and look forward to this journey.

Welcome to the community. I look forward to your thoughts and contributions.

Matthew of the Isles:
Hey there. Some of us newbies aren't experienced in reenactment at all, so don't be shy about sharing tips and advice!

Jon Blair:
Welcome to our noble assembly.



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