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For honor


Has anyone played this game yet?  Just found it the other day while looking at armor styles and started reading some reviews about it.

One review stuck out. The reviewer said he was playing in a 2 on 2 duel mode. Said his partner was killed by his opponent and was thinking" well this is where they gang up on me" turns out the other player stopped and
let the battle finish. Doing some research of the games forums he found some players took the whole for honor title very seriously.

I find that all rather refreshing in the gaming world.

Sir Rodney:
No, my brother just recommended it last week but I haven't had a chance to check it out.  I'm too busy on Star Wars Battlefront I guess.  ;)

I love me some Battlefront! Well I may break down and just get it and do a review  ;D might be a couple of weeks as I have a new "art" commission I have to pay for.


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