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Hello my name in real life is Todd Pearson and I am currently employed as a locomotive engineer in Chicago. I chose the screen name based off of a character I created for Pathfinder Society. The Bayard was swiped from Dragonlance and the Davis-Munro is a mix of my families names. Cavalier was the class I chose as I always enjoyed Knights.

That's what led me to find this group and find the Order of the Marshal . I am glad to be accepted and hope to live up to the ideals and attain membership.

My interest in knights and chivalry started a long time ago when I was a wee lad. We actually used to joust on our bikes, not with lances but by grabbing the opponents hand and seeing who could unseat the other. I was always intrigued with people that would set aside their own safety and comfort and assist those in need. Spent time in the Navy as an Equipment Operator and volunteered as a firefighter/EMT for a few local communities .
thank you for having me.

Welcome to the forum!


Lord Dane:
Welcome to the forum.

Thank you all!! 


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